Lever action in competition...but not CA...

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Lever action in competition...but not CA...

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So it is NOT Cowboy Action BUT I thought it might be fun.

I was cruising through YouTube and I noticed the following vids from Desert Brutality two gun competition this year from the InRange channel. One of the guys is running a Winchester 1873 replica and a 1911. I found it somewhat interesting.

The Match runs with the 1873:
Day 1
Day 2

Intro and rundown of the 3 guys equipment in the vids

They have several classes for the match. The three guys in these vids are running in different classes:
1946 and before Classic Manual, Classic Auto, 1947-1986 Retro Light, Retro Heavy, Scout, Armored +P,

Announcement of the meet:

There are two vids each for the other members of the trio above as well as vids for some additional competitors including Finns running Aromored +P for the match a Q&A session and if you dig a little videos for the 2019 competition and I assume the Finnish competition they mention as well.

I did find it interesting with the RO/Ref giving encouragement and sometimes spotting for the competitors.
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