454 loading question

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454 loading question

Postby stevep1954 » 30 Dec 2018 16

any ideas as to why rossi choose to put 2 methods of loading the 454 casull?
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Re: 454 loading question

Postby TinMan » 30 Dec 2018 16

Loading gate for .45 Colt.....the tube for .454 ???
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Re: 454 loading question

Postby Trailboss » 30 Dec 2018 17

TinMan wrote:Loading gate for .45 Colt.....the tube for .454 ???

Both rounds can be loaded using either method. The tube is nice for loading and unloading the rifle completely, while the loading gate allows a shooter to top off the magazine while keeping the firearm ready and in battery.
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Re: 454 loading question

Postby Ranch Dog » 31 Dec 2018 06

stevep1954 wrote:any ideas as to why rossi choose to put 2 methods of loading the 454 casull?

They had to stop the magazine tube from departing the receiver. This is the arrangement that they came up with to have a threaded tube. Personally, and with both my 454 and 480 having it, I find it very handy as a hunter to drop the remaining ammo out of the rifle.
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Re: 454 loading question

Postby OldGringo » 06 Feb 2019 21

Well, I have a goofy question, bear with me. I have the stainless 92, 20 inch barrel in 454. If you search my older posts you will see I value it over most guns that I own, including some high end guns that stay in my safe. I love the fact that I can side load or pull the tube cap off and dump to unload the gun. I recently found a 92 in 357 with the 16 inch tube. My plan for that gun is to thread the barrel to 1/2 x 28 and fire suppressed, took me about 3 years to find that one. I know I will be cutting a half inch or so off the tube to leave room for the suppressor. Now my goofy question, does anybody make an end cap correctly sized for the 357 tube? I also have another 92, blue 20 inch that I would also add the threaded end cap, if they make one. I do not have a lathe nor tools to easily make one, and do not want to spend the time making one with a Dremel and file, and yes I can make anything with those items. LOL. I would also appreciate any pet loads for the 454, 300 grains and up cast. Thanks.
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