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Value priced adult & youth top break handguns, rifles, & shotguns chambered for centerfire & rimfire cartridges as well as shotshells. These arms are offered as single chamberings as well as a Matched Pair, Pick Four combinations, Trifecta, & the Wizard.
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Re: Kind Of Weird

Post by pricedo »

mikld wrote:OK fellers, we've got 2 answers/opinions. Is there a definative answer to "Do the Rossi Wizzards need Factory Fitting of New Barrels ?" I have a Handi rifle with 2 barrels (factory fitted) and a G2 Contender with 2 barrels (off the shelf). Since New England Firearms was purchased by Remington, I haven't dared to send in a reciever for fitting a new barrel (from what I've read time and quality are problematic). I would like something less expensive than Contender barrels so I'm looking at Wizzards. Mebbe not if they have to go to a factory somewhere for fitting a new barrel..
To bad about the Remington acquisition of NEF ! Another good brand down the drain.
I own NEF Handi Rifles in .308 Win & .45-70......accurate and very strong guns.
If Cereberus/Remington was a front for the Brady Campaign they couldn't be doing any more damage to the American firearms industry.
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Re: Kind Of Weird

Post by akuser47 »

I am wondering if it is certain calibers that can only be ineterchanged. The info I had recieved was from an online retailer sellin the barrels and when I ask if I could purchase any of his barrels and they would fit he said the gun has to be shipped to them for certain calibers I have long since deleted the e-mail but I am trying to find out who I had talked to to get the answer I had. Please do not take what I typed as law I do not have one was only lookin into it as this seems like a ghood idea if it works.
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Re: Kind Of Weird

Post by brucem4844 »

I just purchased a Wizard in 45-70/20ga (2 barrels) for $195 on a clearance sale. Also bought additional barrels in 22 mag, 410, and 7.62 x 39. They appear to fit fine but havent shot them yet.
Would this 45-70 reloaded be the equivalent in strenght of a Ruger #1?
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Re: Kind Of Weird

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mikld wrote:Mebbe not if they have to go to a factory somewhere for fitting a new barrel..
When I called the Miami, they said the rifle needed to come back for fitting with additional barrels. You might call them and see if you get the same answer, only took about 5 minutes.
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