Hello from sunny Alaska

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Hello from sunny Alaska

Postby Knighthawk » 17 Apr 2019 09

Hi, my name is John. Been a close to 50 year resident of the Interior of Alaska. Love it here.
I'm a lever gun nut, but that's why I'm here now that I stumbled on this forum.
I used to collect Winchester take-down rifles and Hi-Walls. Early 90's I sold all of my collection for a business project, that did not pan out. But, water under the bridge. Had a beautiful collection that I would display at gun shows. Got close to $50,000 for my collection in the early 90's, which I still had them as one they were wonderful guns and now the collection would be worth 5 or 6 times what I sold it for. Sold the entire collection to a collector friend, so they went to a guy who was going to enjoy them.
Anyway, enough about stupid choices.
Now I collect shooters of various brands, only have 2 Rossi 92's, kinda came late to that game, a 357 SS and a 44 mag 16". I also have some old vintage Winchester's as well, 30-30, 32 SPL, 30 Army, 348 Win, and one Browning 92 in 44 mag. Not sure how that Browning slid in there, but, it is my all time favorite, which his little sister would show up in 357. Then there's a few Marlins, nice rifles, but 92's are my favorites. Marlin's, 44 mag (don't have a 357 yet), 30-30, 45-70, 35 Rem, would love a 32 SPL. Have a couple of Remington 141's in 35 Remington, I include them because there right up there with levers in the sweet department.
Well almost forgot the Savage's. Now that's short sighted of me. Love the Savages. Got a 308 Win, 358 Win, a 250/3000 deluxe take-down, 303 Savage deluxe (that one's a beautiful rifle), like them.
Don't have any Henry's yet, have not warmed up to there design. Still working on that one, they seem like nice rifles.
I'm working on a friend of mine that about 5 or 6 years ago bought a Rossi 92 in 480 Ruger SS. He bought it right in front of me for $400. I looked at the rifle and while I was put my finger prints all over it, I offered him $600. He still has the rifle, I'm up to $800, and he still has it. not sure what's going to pry that rifle loose, but I'm hopeful. I shoot a 480 in a SRH, so the 2 together would feel right.
Have run across "Ranch Dog" in casting forums more then a few times, so I'm sure I'm going to like it here on the Rossi Forum. Started buying Ranch Dog bullet designs from NOE, just starting to get back into casting now that I've retired. After the my business failure, which started with the selling of my Winchesters, and ended with the economic turn down in 2008. struggled till 2013 then thru in the towel. It's taken from 2013 till 2018 to pay off my obligations from that. The wife and I worked our butts off to clear things up. But that's over and I can hold my head up because I fought off bankruptcy.
So, now it's back to shooting, reloading, casting and finishing up my 100 yard range here at the homestead.
Well that's me in a gun nut shell.
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Re: Hello from sunny Alaska

Postby mr surveyor » 17 Apr 2019 12

Thanks for the interesting introduction and welcome to the forum.

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Re: Hello from sunny Alaska

Postby HarryAlonzo » 18 Apr 2019 09

Welcome! With that array of calibers, I guess the Winchester collection includes an 1895 and a Model 71?
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Re: Hello from sunny Alaska

Postby Ranch Dog » 20 Apr 2019 08

An exciting background, yes, indeed! I would think of it a success along with the adage of "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

An exciting array of cartridges! An old fellow that ran a deer lease I was on, hunted with his 141 chambered in 30 Rem through into the '70s. His only other rifle was a Win M70 chambered in 270 Win. He selected which he was to use each morning based on where he was hunting.
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Re: Hello from sunny Alaska

Postby akuser47 » 20 Apr 2019 20

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