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The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.
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Theoretically, will it fit?

28 Nov 2020 19:24

Ok so I'm new to the lever world so please don't crucify me just yet. But I was wondering how close in comparison is the rossi 92 to the marlin equivalent? Bc I was looking at putting an mlok rail on my 92 for some %@*&$ and giggles and Midwest industries stated that the specific ones I'm lookin at were for the Marlin 1895, 1894, and 336. Would this in theory work or does anyone have any experience w this? Or does anyone know of rossi specific mlok rails?

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

28 Nov 2020 20:00

There are some original Rossi rails. They're not great. NOE bullet molds put their own version in production a while back. It's improved because the site owner here helped NOE engineer it. The Rossi is based on an 1892 so the others won't fit...I think.

DISREGARD: I see you're talking M-Lok.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

28 Nov 2020 21:03

M-Lok, not Picatinny rail. No, the 92 and the Marlins are too different, I think.

Gotta say, I like the M-Lok system. I faked an M-Lok forearm on my Chiappa Little Badger out of 80/20 rail, and it works great. That has no tubular mag to fight with, however.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

29 Nov 2020 14:30

The Marlins are solid topped actions where as the Rossi is top eject and the rail has to be the "scout" position so no not without a lot of reworking.

Make smoke,

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

29 Nov 2020 14:38

https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/pr ... -marmr.htm

M-Lok handguard, not Pic rail.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

29 Nov 2020 16:32

I believe that it will fit but there may need to be some customization in mounting it. It looks like barrel band for the stock is right at the end of the handguard on the Marlin and a few inches from the end on the Rossi. That may lose a problem but since the Mlok is meant to be used with a variety of calibers and models you should still be able to get it done.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

30 Nov 2020 01:26

Is it a drop in, no gunsmithing fit for the Rossi 92?

I am going to say NO WAY in a rather warm local.

Can it be made to fit through either adapters and/or otherwise modification and kit bashing?

I don't have any of the specs that I'd like to know before getting started on this kind of project without pulling out various gun to check dimensions. I will note that Midwest even notes that the rail won't fit the Marlin 1895 or 1894 CB (cowboy?) models. Whether or not that is a matter of an octagonal barrel vs a round barrel I don't know but the receiver dimensions between those models are I think very similar. The receiver dims on the Rossi are going to be different. The Rossi qualifies as a barrel band model which MIGHT mean you'd need the adapter Midwest mentions on their page. OTHER dimensions that could mess you up in addition to the receiver width/height include: barrel diameter and contour, magazine diameter, and potentially the length of the forearm vs. the Marlin although the screw clearance might be cut in a different location IF it is different enough without being too much, then there's the distance between the barrel and the mag tube that might be relevant. LOTS of questions.

Even if it 'works' it is unlikely to be a smoothly contoured fit melding into the lines of the Rossi without some work.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

30 Nov 2020 13:05

Ok so I've decided that I'm gonna order the rail and the spacer (bc apparently it's needed w the barrel band model) and I will post pictures after some tinkering. If it doesn't fit, oh well I can return the pieces and the rifle will just go back to sitting over the fire place. The reason it said it wouldn't fit the 1894(?)CB is bc of that barrel band, but there is a spacer made by Midwest that fixes that issue.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

30 Nov 2020 14:44

Best of luck! If things don’t work out, consider selling it to me.

Re: Theoretically, will it fit?

09 Jan 2021 09:50

Ok so after a month and a half wait Midwest contacted me yesterday and shipped out the pieces and it should be here Monday or Tuesday. And I will be sharing w you guys how it goes!
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