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Re: Pleasant Surprise

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2020 15:51
by Ohio3Wheels
My two 2x red dots are TruGlo brand. I'm not sure I understand how astigmatism is affecting the use of red dots as I have astigmatism and my non-dominant eye is mostly shot due to glaucoma. I have no trouble with my red dots, now holographic sights are a who nother kettle of fish. On most of them I'm never able to see the reticles. Fortunately my dominant eye is 20/30 with its new lens and except for full buckhorns doesn't have any problems.

Merry Christmas and make smoke,

Re: Pleasant Surprise

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2020 18:21
by Daryll
I always used to use red-dots on my close range competition guns (10/22 and Marlin 1894), but over the years found they were becoming more stars than dots... I thought it was because I was buying cheap sights, until I saw this on YT: ... ex=1&t=35s

When I next had my eyes tested, it was confirmed that I had astigmatism, so I moved away from red-dots and moved to low powered scopes and peep sights.
10 years later, after finding scopes were now not looking right, I was diagnosed with cataracts in my right (shooting) eye.
A few months ago I had surgery for the cataracts, and it looks like the new lens has also corrected the astigmatism..!! :D

I think I'll leave the peep sights on my underlevers, but go back to red-dots on my "action" guns, and leave the scopes on the "precision" guns.

Re: Pleasant Surprise

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2020 11:48
by Hombre
I've got a Weaver 4x scout scope, mounted with an original Rossi scope rail on my 20" round barrel .357.

I've got aged eye trouble like others here, but this seems to be a good, and accurate, combination for me.