Buckhorn sight vs recoil

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Re: Buckhorn sight vs recoil

Postby Archer » 16 Nov 2021 00:12

Yeah, I know you said in jest but...

Yet another reason to waterjet the item. You can change the profile by just changing the programming and you aren't out the cost for a new mold.
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Re: Buckhorn sight vs recoil

Postby Sarge » 25 Nov 2021 00:51

Sarge wrote:
rjsetford wrote:Here's one I haven't be able to resolve yet.

Downloading .44mag to .44spl significantly reduces recoil and also means that I can use the 92 on the indoor range at my local club.

I do shoot on the outdoor range but when using magnum rounds, the recoil will kick the buckhorn back thus affecting elevation. I don't fancy welding it in place so has anyone got any suggestions?



It's a design flaw. I've had two R92 45 Colts and both of them would jump down a step with in 2-3 shots using heavy loads. IIRC I fitted a spare Winchester 94 rear sight to the first one and that cured it.

I actually found the elevator from the last 45 Colt in my parts box, looks just like the one at top- designed to fail.

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