Range Trip Was a Blast!

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Range Trip Was a Blast!

Postby COSteve » 15 Sep 2020 22

Went out to the range today. Great weather and the smoke from the Cali fires was light. Anyway, 1st up was my Rossi .357mag carbine with Steve's bolt top peep sight I've been anxious to get sighted in. This morning I decided to give it one more turn up after measuring the sights heights before I went out and as luck would have it, it turned out to be spot on for 150yds with my 125grn medium loads. :D

I thought that 150yds was all I could reasonably do with the carbine and the 22" sight radius but I tried it at 200yds and was surprised at how well I did. I adjusted the sight up just 1/2 turn and reinserted the aperture and I was spot on at 200yds.

So, being ever the optimist, I set out a couple of bowling pins and gave them a go. No, it's not as easy as with the rifle's 30" sight radius tang and globe sight system but I'll be darned if I didn't hit a few of those pesky pins.

Hat's off to Steve's sight as it was great. I didn't have to drift my front sight at all because even at 200yds, it was laterally right on the mark. I'm going to back off the lock ring and apply some blue Loctite to keep it right where it is.

To round out the outing, I also took my Uberti Rifle in .45 Colt and my Mini M14 so I spent the rest of the day shooting my .357mag and 5.56 carbines and my .45 Colt rifle. All told, I made smoke and empty brass with about 300 rds of my favored calibers.

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Re: Range Trip Was a Blast!

Postby Nashville Stage » 16 Sep 2020 01

Those are the best kind of days! +guns
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