Subsonic load accuracy at 50-75 yards

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Re: Subsonic load accuracy at 50-75 yards

Postby trekker » 02 Aug 2019 09

Yes lead will produce higher velocities with the same charge than jacketed. Glad it all worked out for you. My tinkering ability is not as high as yours, I've decided not to cast, and will test a range of on the market bullets and jacketed bullets to see how they go on medium game.

As to ADI powders if you are getting AP-70 there I assume you can get AS-30N(what Hodgon in the US markets as 'clays' ). Might be worth a look, faster burning than AP-70 (which is what Americans market as 'Universal clays', different from regular clays).

From hodgons reloading manual for 357 pistol , 158 grain cast
3.2 clays(As-30N) 867fps
4.6 clays (As-30N) 1079fps.
This is a pistol barrel, you should get an extra 80-120fps from the rifle barrel.

The max load listed for trailboss is 4.2 for 865fps in the pistol barrel which probably equates to your 945fps from rifles.
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Re: Subsonic load accuracy at 50-75 yards

Postby Coote » 02 Aug 2019 15

Thanks Trekker. Yep, I'd be tempted to get some AP30N powder. I understand that another powder it is is similar to is Alliant Red Dot... which seems to be fairly popular for reduced loads in some cartridges. Have a great weekend.
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Re: Subsonic load accuracy at 50-75 yards

Postby severnsider » 11 Aug 2019 11

Hi Trekker,
I have found that 125gr lead (in my case truncated cone) work best in my 20" Rossi. I'm using .38SPL cases and using 5.3gr N340. This is giving me around 1050fps at the muzzle so just about subsonic I think. Ten rounds of this will group into a hole that's just about two bullet-widths diameter at 25 yards and is easily sub-2" at 50m. They'll hit a 6" plate at 100m offhand too (I'm using a red dot sight).
4.2gr Bullseye under a 125gr TC produced MV of 1100fps, but I don't recall hearing a supersonic "crack" with this. That load was also very accurate and felt light to shoot.
It does seem that the Rossi with a 30" twist prefers the 125gr bullets.
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Re: Subsonic load accuracy at 50-75 yards

Postby EdinGa » 21 Aug 2019 05

My absolute favorite plinking load is 5 grains of Hodgdon Universal under a 125gr RN cast bullet. It's definitely subsonic from my 16 inch Henry. I haven't really put it on paper but it makes empty shotgun hulls dance at 25 yards.
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