R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.

R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

Postby mr surveyor » 10 May 2019 18

I'm dealing with some feed issues with my R92 - .357 mag that I know can be remedied, but with the lack of posts here lately, I don't know whether to spend the brain time (mine seems to be limited) to explain the issues or not. If you guys that have the "brain trust" want to tackle this, let me know and I'll explain the issues in detail.

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Re: R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

Postby Nashville Stage » 10 May 2019 19

Go for it; we're all here. Pictures help a bunch, too.
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Re: R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

Postby rondog » 11 May 2019 01

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Re: R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 14 May 2019 04

What is the issue for your Rossi 92's feeding? Ammo-specific or something different? Let us know, many folks here could offer you some ideas on this.

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Re: R92 - .357 Mag "Issue"

Postby ethang » 16 May 2019 16

I too have been having some feeding issues with my Rossi 357....

I can't keep it full of bullets... :)
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