best way to soften a scabbard?

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best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby stevep1954 » 14 Sep 2018 07

i got a nice scabbard to use with my Kawasaki Mule but it is like sandpaper inside. anyway to soften it so it doesn't take a layer of blue off every time i use it?
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Re: best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby Nashville Stage » 14 Sep 2018 10

I've never tried it, but have read that Neatsfoot oil is a classic way of softening up leather.

One caveat is that it's not recommend for leather belt holsters because the leather needs to be rigid to properly grip a handgun & keep it secure.

Did you buy the scabbard new? You could try contacting the maker & see what their thoughts are.

You could also try making a cloth liner / sock of some sort for the scabbard.
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Re: best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby GasGuzzler » 14 Sep 2018 12

When I restore a ball glove I use a combination of Nokona Glove Conditioner and mink oil but I'm not sure if they're safe for firearm metal.
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Re: best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby HarryAlonzo » 14 Sep 2018 20

There are as many opinions on leather care as there are proprietary leather dressings. I've tried quite a few, and I've never been truly unhappy with any of them. My favorite, especially for dressing the unfinished side, is Brooks Proofide. A Limey product, it is intended for Brooks bicycle saddles. They recommend "Proofiding" the underside of the saddle for weatherproofing, but it also acts as a softener. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way.

Suede linings are also very nice, but expensive.
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Re: best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby Archer » 16 Sep 2018 15

The problem with ANY lining is it's likely to hang on the sights.
The problem with suede lining is it's likely to hang onto dirt like sand and become what you are trying to avoid over time but if it's removable or replaceable then maybe that's a wash.

If the interior is rough enough it can even change the contours of the gun over time. I've seen that sort of holster wear with a couple revolvers over the years.
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Re: best way to soften a scabbard?

Postby Iplayfarmer » 19 Sep 2018 12

Honestly any kind of oil will soften the leather. My dad had a pair of gloves that he'd put used motor oil on, and they lasted longer than any pair of gloves I've had. (I can't recommend the used motor oil trick.) I personally use neatsfoot oil or mink oil on my saddles, boots, belts, holsters, etc. I also use a lot of saddle soap. Fiebings is one of my favorite brands. I've used some of the "leather conditioners" out there, and I'm not really impressed. I've learned to stick with oil.

Also, any holster or scabbard will wear a little on the gun no matter how soft or smooth it is. Call it part of the character of a gun that's been carried.
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