9mm adapters in CJ

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9mm adapters in CJ

Postby Oz judge » 09 Apr 2020 07:06

I seen some rifled chamber adapters for the judge pistols. Maybe called jury 9mm adapters???
Would the barrel from the CJ be to long for these to work? Has anybody got these for there pistols & tried them in a CJ ??? cheers.
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Re: 9mm adapters in CJ

Postby Archer » 14 Apr 2020 01:37


I'd either give them a call or e-mail.

I suspect the adapters should work since they are using the same sort of thing in break actions with a 3" rifled section. These probably have more like a 2" rifled section.

For informal plinking it might be interesting but I'd be somewhat surprised if it beat a good 9mm handgun by much if any and reloading could be annoying if all you had was 9mm.

I've been considering one of the pistol caliber carbines that have come out. Most of them are in 9mm. In all honesty I figure the Rossi 92 in .357 beats most of them for everything but sustained rate of fire and the .44 Mag is like putting two of their rounds on target with one trigger pull that is probably going faster when it hits. I just can't quite justify the 9mm carbine so far.
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