Tested the CJ on pigs

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Re: Tested the CJ on pigs

Postby Chiefeis » 14 Nov 2018 15

Oz judge wrote:Wow Michael that forcing cone issue really kinda seals the deal doesn't it. Like I said I was getting about 6" off hand at 40 yards that's probably all I'll get. But I haven't given up on the CJ yet, I just haven't been doing much shooting as of late. Ideally I want to get the group down to around 4 " off a bench @ 50 yards & I'll be happy

I know this is sort of an old thread, but I'm getting 4" groups at 100yds (bench rest of course) using the 225 FTX. Other rounds I've tried (including the Buffalo Bore Heavy) are not even close to that.

I also used a chrono to test that round, found it had an average of 924 fps muzzle velocity. What I did notice is that there was a really wide variation - from a low of 902 fps to a high of 950 fps.

Still working up a good handload. Takes some time since I'm upping the load slowly (I'm a coward like that sometimes). LOL.
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