Random comments.

The unique revolver-cylinder fed rifle. Chambered in 22 Rim Fire, 44 Mag, and 45 Colt/.410 bore.

Random comments.

Postby Chiefeis » 23 Oct 2018 11

Just a comment on some of the online reviews of the CJ .45/.410 by Internet "experts" - just because I need a break from work and why not? LOL

One review said at "50 yards it wouldn't group in a pie plate and at a hundred I couldn't hit a sheet of plywood." Another couldn't get better than 3" groups at 25yds. Of *course* that was totally the gun. :lol:

When I zeroed the scope on my CJ we got it to shoot almost in the same hole at 25yds (seriously, it made a nice small cloverleaf), and 3" groups at 100. Could have tightened that up but we'd been shooting all day and I was beat.

What I did find is that like all guns each individual is unique. Mine has very poor accuracy with Winchester ammo. But Hornady FTX does great. My goal with handloading is to replicate the accuracy of the Hornady factory loads at a better price point. I have range time scheduled in a couple weeks. Going to use a chronograph and shooting vice and see if we can get some good data. If all goes according to plan I'll post the results.

Well, back to the salt mines!
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Re: Random comments.

Postby trekker » 09 Feb 2019 06

My CJ grouped about 3" at 55 yards(50m) with magtech and some other brand I can't remember which I was happy with.
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Re: Random comments.

Postby Oz judge » 04 Mar 2019 04

I have never done any proper load development & never fired mine off a bench or done a proper accuracy shoot. It’s always just a few quick shots unexpectedly & i’m Always giving people a go or kids so 20 rounds or so go pretty fast. But I know the accuracy is pretty average but still pig hunt able at 50ish yards. So far all 225gr Ftx handloads have been through & through on hogs up to 120lbs.
These aren’t a good rifle or a good shotgun, but they are a good little thing & suit my purpose really well. Hunting pigs with the help of our family pets ( dogs )
I also believe they make a great home defence Carbine for older people , younger people, women & anybody else that is of slight stature , or kind of afraid of powerful firearms. Very simple to operate, extremely lightweight, compact & definitely accurate enough out to 20 -25 yards. DEPENDING ON THE ROUNDS USED.
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