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Taurus TCP parts are now online

18 Dec 2014 08

I realize that this is not a Rossi or the type of firearm of our interest but the TCP parts are now available online. The 738 was the "Test Monkey" for working out serial number details and those parts that are restricted for sale plus just getting a shopping cart up and running.

Who knows, maybe Rossi parts will never be available online but this follows what Mr. Kressner told me. TCP parts available online, without CS contact, by year end. Mr. Kressner of course was replaced, but the new fellow seems bent on continuing the effort from what I heard on a podcast several months ago.

http://www.shoptaurus.com/ecom/category ... 57ad21dc3e

I own three TCPs and always want a yellow grip for some reason...

Re: Taurus TCP parts are now online

18 Dec 2014 09

Hopefully they are heading in the right direction - thanks!

Re: Taurus TCP parts are now online

19 Mar 2015 01

I love my TCP!

Re: Taurus TCP parts are now online

19 Mar 2015 15

ricosavue wrote:I love my TCP!

Me too; have both the 32 Auto & 380 Auto!

Re: Taurus TCP parts are now online

30 Jul 2016 07

I was poking around in this forum and saw my posts here. I wanted to point out that Taurus has removed the spare parts online store for the TCP. Really tough to watch Mr. Kresser's effort eliminated.
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