Made it to the range! RANGE REPORT!

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Made it to the range! RANGE REPORT!

Postby MoMan » 19 Oct 2021 06:58

Well, after quite a long recovery for my hip, AND staring at my 2 new Rossi rifles for all that time, I finally made it to the range yesterday.
I took the Rossi Rio Bravo, and the Gallery gun out for their maiden voyage. I was just shooting some different ammo, including Remington GB, Federal Auto-Match, and some CCI Blazers. Both of the rifles mechanically handled all of the different ammo, even as I purposely mixed them up to see if they would feed. Everything cycled fine, and the actions were both smooth.

I put a Simmons 3-9x32 scope on the Gallery. The action was a bit stiff, but still smooth. It did loosen up as I was shooting, and I'm sure it will get even better with more rounds through it. I was shooting at 50 yards, after I was sighted in. I really like this rifle, and has the 'cool factor', and sighted in quite well.

The Rio Bravo, I ran with open sights, and I have to say, the fiber optic sights on these rifles are perfect. I was shooting under a roof, and could see them very easily, I stepped out from under the roof, and it was like someone injected them with tritium. REALLY nice for my old eyes. This rifle's action was very smooth, and surprised the heck out of me. It wasn't as smooth as my Winchester 9422xtr, but I also could buy 3 Rio Bravos for what the Winchester cost me. I am REALLY happy with the smoothness of this rifle.

Both triggers were what I would have expected from rifles at this price range; not great, but certainly 'serviceable'!

Both rifles shot consistently to POA. There were no, FTF or FTE, and only 1 'misfire', which I'm sure was ammo related.

I didn't post a picture of my targets, as another Fella at the range had offered to pull my target when he went down.

All in all, I'm a 'Happy Camper' with my new Rossi's! They accent my Rossi 92's quite well. Now I have these 2 rimfire Rossi's, and my 2 R92' (1 in .45lc, the other in .44mag!!)

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Re: Made it to the range! RANGE REPORT!

Postby mr surveyor » 19 Oct 2021 08:17

The last six years of unfortunate events have caused me to understand what it's like to have guns that need shooting and being unable to accommodate their needs. It's that "in between events" time you really need to catch up ... or maybe get ahead.

Glad to hear everything is working well.

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Re: Made it to the range! RANGE REPORT!

Postby Reese-Mo » 19 Oct 2021 18:32

Really glad you made it to the range! I only get to fire off some rounds in the back here, as there's no decent backstop available and neither do I have the space for a mound at my abode.

You mentioned recovery, and I'm glad you're doing well enough to get out to a range!

I've got more than a few arms here that have never been shot except at the factory. I started to list 'em but quit at 23 rifles, shottys and handguns. Far too many, but once some projects are completed... (famous last words!)
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