Gallery weirdness

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Gallery weirdness

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 29 Dec 2020 16:50

The Gallery is breaking in nicely and it's fun to shoot with most 22 LR. No problems with bulk Winchester and Federal but with Aquila Super Extra 40 grain occasionally it fails to fire. Recocking doesn't work but when I cycle it it ejects a live round without a mark on it so not a light strike. I'm stumped back when Linda and I shot a lot of 22 in IHMSA I had one of the headspace checkers for 22 rim fire but when we stopped competing I sold it to a friend and I don't even remember who made it. I'm not sure that headspace is the problem as the same ammo cycles fine through every other 22 I have on hand. Right now I'm just not using the Aquila in the Gallery. I'm open to suggestions except maybe sending it back to Rossi.

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Re: Gallery weirdness

Postby Archer » 31 Dec 2020 06:00

IF it works with everything but Aquila then I'd avoid the Aquila.

2016 one of the guys on another board who works a shop mentioned they had 5 different guns come in that had Aquila subsonics stuck in the barrel including a one owner who claimed his gun 'lost power' that had 3 bullets stuck 3" from the muzzle and another that had 2 bullets stuck 2" from the end of the barrel and the guy included the box of ammo. They test fired it and got a bullet stuck in the same spot cleared it and it happened again. Silver and white box.
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