Double barrel Rossi

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Double barrel Rossi

Postby mmargotta » 07 Jan 2020 11

Well, here's a Rossi I never heard of..... ... rrel--22lr
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Re: Double barrel Rossi

Postby Archer » 08 Jan 2020 15

I've seen a few guns like that although none of them were Rossi and half of them were non-functional art deco that never were capable of firing anything.

Capt. Bill seems to have wanted you to see the engraved backstrap but he didn't bother to focus on the side plate markings enough that I can read them in the pictures.
I also wonder at his description of the gun as 'double action' for some reason I expect you have to manually cock each hammer.

He's asking at least 4 to 6 times what I might be willing to give for it as well.
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