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Postby Archer » 23 Nov 2021 01:38

mr surveyor wrote:
Reese-Mo wrote:
ManxTom wrote:And my deer rifles are gone now too.. nothing bigger here than hares..!!

I once spent a summer shooting the heads off crows with my Garand. Sound criminally sadistic, but they are a known nuisance in these parts. I could put out some dry cat food in the AM, and by noon every crow in Polk County was fightin' to get at it. Layin' in the hammock in the shade, the occasional pop of the Garand didn't really spook 'em too much neither. Distance, about 50 yards or so.

what, y'all don't have a "baitin' game" prohibition law in Florida? :lol:


Often those apply to 'game' not 'pests'.
Of course grandpa's corn field wasn't bait it was cash crop.
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