The Mystery Wood- Redux

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The Mystery Wood- Redux

Postby bczrx » 17 Sep 2022 18:02

Hello All,

I didn't want to necropost, but found some info to update the knowledge of wood type in Rossi R92 rifles.

The original thread was titled 'The Mystery Wood'.

In another forum, I was told the following by a member from Brazil:

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I dot´n find the exact translation of Brazilian wood names, so I will use the Brazilian and scientific names.

Rossi used Guajuvira wood (Patagonula americana) up to 1990´s.

The wood was changed later to Açoita-Cavalo (Luehea divaricata), "horse whipper" in a direct translation. This wood is also used on IGA-Stoeger shotguns and, in the past, to make replacement stocks for military rifles, like our Mausers, Garands, and .30 M1 carbines.

CBC/Magtech used Imbuia (Ocotea porosa) up to 1990´s.

According an retired worker of Brazilian gun industries, Brazilian hardwoods has many tone variations, and some American customers does not liked to receive a gun with a different stock color of seen on showcases. Luehea divaricata has an uniform color and almost no tone variation.

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I found translations for Guajuvira (Brazilian Hickory) and Imbuia (Brazilian Walnut), but not for Açoita-Cavalo.

The member who posted this has previously posted documents from the 80s and 90s regarding documentation on rifles and pistols- be they Rossi or Taurus. He has mentioned access to armorers' manuals from the 1980s and other details that lead me to have a high level of confidence in his statements.

Just to add to the discussion of what type of wood was used in Rossi R92 rifles.

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Re: The Mystery Wood- Redux

Postby GasGuzzler » 18 Sep 2022 05:42

And in the original topic there is one major flaw in the theory that calls into question almost all of the production number and serial number vs. date of manufacture explanation. Amedeo Rossi (and likely the other Rossi branded rifles after) were not shipped or even built in serial number order. Mine was made in 1987 (matching date codes all over the rifle) despite others having similar serial numbered rifles supposedly being built in '80-82. The source of information on the other rifles production dates is sketchy at best.
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Re: The Mystery Wood- Redux

Postby Archer » 19 Sep 2022 20:40

It is very likely that there is NOT one serial run of 'Rossi 92s'.
As the manufacturer's name changed it is likely that they may have reset the serial range to something that was already stamped on a previous version of the company's output with a different name.

Likewise, different models might have the same serial numbers or might be built in serial blocks.

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LOTS of room for overlapping serials.
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