Rossi 92 Action Smoothing

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Rossi 92 Action Smoothing

Postby The Spaniard » 08 Jun 2020 15 ... -carbines/ Here is a link to an in- depth description of DIY action smoothing for the Rossi R 92. This was published in 2012,perhaps before the current vendors of spring kits and other accessories to make our R-92 function very smoothly and reliably.
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Re: Rossi 92 Action Smoothing

Postby rondog » 17 Jun 2020 10

I didn't read all of it, but I garontee my own personal methods produce better results!
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Re: Rossi 92 Action Smoothing

Postby GasGuzzler » 18 Jun 2020 05

I had fine luck doing it my way without some expensive DVD or aftermarket springs.
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Re: Rossi 92 Action Smoothing

Postby josef644 » 05 Jul 2020 14

I used the video and the Palo Verde spring kit. Moly greese lubed. One finger operation now. I am very pleased with it's smooth action now.
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