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Postby Paratus » 25 Sep 2022 16:30

Hi from Western Australia.

I've had a long term interest in lever guns having owned several over the years. They were mainly Winchesters but also included a Rossi stainless 20" carbine in 44 Magnum, which I let go on leaving the farm for the city.

I only have one lever gun at present, an old 32 WCF Winchester 92, which is something of a bitzer as it sports a Model 53 barrel.

I'm currently looking at acquiring a 38 / 357 Rossi 92 16" carbine that will be used in pistol cartridge lever action silhouette competition.

https://www.ssaawa.org.au/disciplines/l ... silhouette
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Re: Just Joined UP

Postby HarryAlonzo » 25 Sep 2022 21:17

Bitzer - Australian/New Zealander for mongrel dog or person of mixed race.

That describes a lot of my firearms. Thanks for the new word!
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Re: Just Joined UP

Postby Ranch Dog » 27 Sep 2022 06:05

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Just Joined UP

Postby Archer » 27 Sep 2022 23:29

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Re: Just Joined UP

Postby Gunny268 » 28 Sep 2022 21:03

Welcome to the forum. Hope to see how you set up your carbine for competition.
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Re: Just Joined UP

Postby ManxTom » 06 Oct 2022 15:50

Welcome from GB. I'm not the only Pom** on here but you'll never hear any whingeing from this one.

**Actually I am British but that's just a generic umbrella nationality as I'm from the Isle of Man, and we are so very different from the English..!!
Happiness is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth.. :D
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