FS/FT 16" SS Rossi 92 357Mag

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FS/FT 16" SS Rossi 92 357Mag

Postby dionesius3 » 09 Oct 2018 14

FS/FT 16" Rossi 92 357 Mag in Alabama. I would like to sell or trade my Stainless Steel 16" carbine. I want a Taurus 94 stainless with 4" barrel in like new condition. Would trade for your gun plus $100. Or straight sale price would be $425 plus shipping. We would have to ship from my FFL dealer to yours and that would add fees that we each would bear equally. If you live in Alabama we can arrange a meeting.
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Re: FS/FT 16" SS Rossi 92 357Mag

Postby ethang » 10 Oct 2018 16

Interested. Sent you a PM
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Re: FS/FT 16" SS Rossi 92 357Mag

Postby stevep1954 » 12 Oct 2018 11

pm sent also
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