Navajo Nation may buy Remington

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Navajo Nation may buy Remington

Postby Mad Trapper » 30 Jun 2020 10 ... remington/

Been on my LGS waiting list since May 1st, for a 1895CB 26" 45-70.
Talked to remlin yesterday, they said that model has ceased production until October.
LGS quoted a price of $765.00 when they get them in stock.
Gunbroker had one for $839.00, so I bought it.
Saw one made in 2001 on Gunbroker last week, went for $1600.00
Could not figure out why it went for so much, I do now.
NY gov had remlin shut down for corona virus, and the sandy hook lawsuits have put a hurting on remlin.
If the Navajo Nation takes over, could possibly be 10 years before they get up and running.
about like when remington bought marlin, how many years did it take to get things back to normal?
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Re: Navajo Nation may buy Remington

Postby Archer » 30 Jun 2020 20

It isn't the Sandy Hook lawsuits although they can't have helped.

Cerberus Capitol management/Freedom Group slammed debt into Remington while moving out all liquid assets and then dropping the Remington shell company laden with debt. ... ville.html
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