Ammunition background checks in CA

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Ammunition background checks in CA

Postby Archer » 29 Apr 2020 03

For those who might have been paying attention last week Thursday the 23rd a CA judge issued an order that declared the CA ammunition background check an infringement on the 2nd and thus returned Californians to being able to 1) Buy ammunition without having to go through the CA DROS system and 2) Allowed importation of ammunition into CA by citizens including mail/internet orders.

Our Atty General lost no time appealing the ruling and although I have heard he was initially denied he manged to get the 9th circuit court of appeals to issue a stay of the order so that the background checks for ammo in CA were once again the norm. THIS STAY OCCURRED ALMOST AT 10PM PST on FRIDAY the 24th.

I'm of the opinion that the Atty General had previously conspired with selected justices on the 9th circuit for just this eventuality given that this same judge was the one who issued the magazine ruling that resulted in what has become known as Freedom Week during which CA citizens bought ALL of the normal capacity magazines available throughout the country. Knowing that the same judge was going to be ruling on this case regarding the ammunition band and further that the same judge was going to be ruling at some point on the constitutionality of the CA Assault Weapon Regulations I am all but certain that the Atty General colluded with 'progressive' elements on the court to be prepared to constrain any ruling by this judge regarding allowing the citizens of CA to resume their constitutional rights regarding the 2nd.
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