The newest democrat candidate for POTUS 2024...

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The newest democrat candidate for POTUS 2024...

Postby Archer » 20 Mar 2020 01

Hopefully this doesn't come across as a rant. The virus and the politics in California are coming together.

Gavin Newsom said he doesn't want the POTUS job but I think he just threw his hat in the ring with the 'stay home order' today in California.

As governor he's pretty much a waste, just like he was as Mayor of Frisco only with even more power.
He's had no less than a full month to figure out what a quarantine 'shelter in place' order ought to look like and the best he can do is 'details to follow in the days ahead' and 'the next eight weeks are critical'.

Going to let the grocery stores stay open and the restaurants can keep serving takeout (but his comments don't indicate the peons who are sheltering in place will be allowed to go get takeout) along with the banks (many of which had closed signs on their doors today BEFORE he issued his order.)

Also a little funny how his order comes out as they are discussing potential drugs that seem potentially promising. As if he's in a rush to get this order in place to have been seen to have 'done something.'

The order, especially with that eight week critical statement, has probably just added to the panic and just ensured that the grocery stores will remain stripped for the duration. I have some stuff in stock but I did hit a couple groceries yesterday only to find that produce was GONE. No potatoes, onions, carrots, or the like in them at all. (Well there were 4 scrawny onions that I'd not buy about twice the size of my thumb. Somebody was gathering them up as I passed so I still maintain there weren't any.)

A couple days ago he announced funding to shelter the homeless. IMO that doesn't have any more of a chance of working than anything else they've tried to do about the homeless and mostly any such attempts have been more about distributing money than the homeless. The homeless in this state will be a reservoir for the virus to reinfect the general population multiple times.

I could bring in the media, both state and local, but I am going to refrain for the moment.
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Re: The newest democrat candidate for POTUS 2024...

Postby GasGuzzler » 20 Mar 2020 05

Mirror image of DFW.

Up here outside the bubble there is hardly a difference in normal life with exception of the schools being closed and as of the Texas Governor's decree, bars and restaurants state-wide will be carry out only too.

Local stores have limits on paper towels, toilet paper, milk, ground beef, bread, water. We have only one grocery chain store in the county (Tom Thumb) and only one general retail chain store in the county (Super Walmart) but lots of little stores. I have a small list every evening of items to scrounge around town for.
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