Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

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Re: Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

Postby HarryAlonzo » 04 Sep 2019 22

I had an unpleasant wait for an unpleasant consultation with my dentist this afternoon, and he keeps a copy of The NY Times in his office. And his WiFi never works. I read the Wal-Mart article, and, as usual, was appalled by the technical inaccuracies. They’re going to stop selling ammo for short barreled rifles? And for assault rifles? Which calibers are those? I might wander in to a Walmart in a few months, just to see what they’re still selling. I don’t think they’ll miss my occasional purchase of 40 S&W, but I’ll do my part.
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Re: Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

Postby Mad Trapper » 05 Sep 2019 08

They say no more military assault rifle ammo.
Im (assuming) that means 5.56/.223/7.62x39.
But 30-06 was a military cartridge, along with .308.
but they always make this term vague so they can keep adding to the list.
I have no idea what they mean by short barrel rifle ammo, must be referring to the AR/AK carbine style.
Hope it doesnt include my rossi 92 trapper,
Think i lost it in a boating accident the other day, +guns +guns +guns
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Re: Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

Postby Archer » 18 Sep 2019 01

When Kmart caved to that fat posteriored trespasser Michael Moore I didn't boycott them but I did consider whether or not I really needed to buy anything from them from then on and mostly I just didn't.

I have been making that same consideration with Walmart for some time over the past few years but with CA prohibiting mail order ammo unless it goes through a dealer Walmart has been an option that didn't run ridiculous ammo markups. Since CA instituted the 'eligibility check' for ammo a couple months ago and Walmart took the opportunity to put additional requirements on ammunition purchases over and above those required by this communist state I haven't bought any ammo there and have bought darned little else there. Before that I'd make a run to buy ammo and pick up some other things while I was there.

One of my friends from northern CA represents them as the largest world marketing arm of the Chicom Army manufacturing industries and he's probably correct.

I suspect Walmart may well go the way of Kmart and it may not take them 20 years to get there but if they don't it will be because like the dinosaurs they are too big to go down quickly and because they've killed all the mom and pop stores and most of the other big box stores in the areas where they operate. Amazon has put a real hole in their business however. (Not that Amazon is any better than Walmart when it comes to citizens' rights.)

Dick's Sporting Goods did the Ross Perot dance several times (I'm IN! I'm OUT! I'm IN! No I'm OUT!).
Around SoCal they have still been selling guns and ammo in the rural areas but their LA stores are more metrosexual. One of my friends from this area went into one down in LA and asked where the guns and ammo was and got a sarcastic response from a nitwit that torqued off my easy going friend to the point that when the twit finally got his nose out of the air and looked at the potential customers he backed up and suggested they might try the store in this area.
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