Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

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Re: Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

Postby HarryAlonzo » 04 Sep 2019 22

I had an unpleasant wait for an unpleasant consultation with my dentist this afternoon, and he keeps a copy of The NY Times in his office. And his WiFi never works. I read the Wal-Mart article, and, as usual, was appalled by the technical inaccuracies. They’re going to stop selling ammo for short barreled rifles? And for assault rifles? Which calibers are those? I might wander in to a Walmart in a few months, just to see what they’re still selling. I don’t think they’ll miss my occasional purchase of 40 S&W, but I’ll do my part.
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Re: Walmart stops handgun ammo sales

Postby Mad Trapper » 05 Sep 2019 08

They say no more military assault rifle ammo.
Im (assuming) that means 5.56/.223/7.62x39.
But 30-06 was a military cartridge, along with .308.
but they always make this term vague so they can keep adding to the list.
I have no idea what they mean by short barrel rifle ammo, must be referring to the AR/AK carbine style.
Hope it doesnt include my rossi 92 trapper,
Think i lost it in a boating accident the other day, +guns +guns +guns
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