Range Trip - Going Away trip

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Range Trip - Going Away trip

Postby Archer » 08 Oct 2018 01

So I've been trying to get to the range a couple times a month with a newbie or two.
For the last year or so we've had a stress analyst working with us who's a pretty good lad but who has missed a couple three opportunities as something is always coming up in life. As things happen, he got an offer for a new job out of state and decided to take it. So on his last weekend before leaving we took him out to the range for a sampler.

On tap:
.50 Beowulf, my custom build, second time it's been to the range. 18" on a SATERN big bore AR upper w/free float rail, 1x6 scope, offset iron sights, CA fin, tanker style brake.

M1 Garand .30-06 Springfield DCM/CMP build. Stock gun as received from CMP after I ordered it from DCM.

.44 Mag Rossi 92 20" SS round barreled carbine.

.223 Wylde, my custom build, White Oak 16" double fluted SS barrel on a house branded Aeroprecision receiver set w/ freefloat rail, MagPul MOE fixed carbine stock w/ extra length buttplate, 3-9X40 Leupold patrol scope.

.44 Mag Smith & Wesson 29-2, 2nd trip to the range 1st after putting Hogue monogrip on the gun.
Brought along some 'medium' Remington lead loads as well as some full bore Winchesters.

.45 ACP Kimber 5" full sized 1911.

9mm CZ-75B

.380 Sig P238 alloy frame

.22LR Ruger MKII Target

Glock .357Sig

A good time was had by all six in attendance on our last Friday off before we started the latest push requiring us to add another 12 hours every other week.
The stress guy said he really enjoyed it although on Monday he showed a baseball sized bruise on his bicep that was a solid maroon color.

Probably post a bit more later...
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