2022 hunting tales

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2022 hunting tales

Postby 9x80Drilling » 09 Nov 2022 21:28

We aren't getting hunting stories yet this Fall. Does anyone have any good ones for us?
Unfortunately, I'm not going to get out this year. Two weeks ago I had open heart surgery for mitral valve repair. The docs say no lifting more than 5(!) pounds for a couple of months, and absolutely no recoil.
Sounds cruel.
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Re: 2022 hunting tales

Postby Ranch Dog » 10 Nov 2022 06:47

Sorry to hear about the condition 9x80, but at least the surgery has patched things up.

The move off the ranch has left me short on hunting, reloading, and shooting. I had a total rotator cuff repair of my "shooting" shoulder a month ago, so I have about the same limitation as you.
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Re: 2022 hunting tales

Postby GasGuzzler » 10 Nov 2022 06:59

I am no hunter and have fired one round of 45 AUTO and about three dozen rounds of 5.56X45 in the last two years.
I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane.
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Re: 2022 hunting tales

Postby runfiverun » 19 Nov 2022 23:02

out of the three of us I'm the only one to get a deer this year.
he didn't belong where he was anyway.

the deer I shot was a mule deer/white tail cross, and I got him off of a sage brush flat out in the lava fields.
nothing exciting.. LOL
I was in the shadows, him and a couple of does tried sneaking through a slim line [like 10-15' wide] of aspen trees growing along a lava rock outcropping at about 200yds.
they went through and come out to go up a ridge.
bang, thud..... drag,drag,drag,drink some water, drag,drag,drag.... god I wish I had a cell phone,, drag,drag,drag.
hey, there goes my Bronco down the wrong road looking for me.
walk,walk,walk drive,drive drive.,,, drag ,drag, cuss, drag, stupid wife, drag.

well you get the picture.
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