2020 Deer Hunting with Rossis

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Re: 2020 Deer Hunting with Rossis

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 11 Jan 2021 19:30

Other than thinking maybe it has to do with the volume available in the chamber and the barrel and the burning characteristics of the 2 powders. I have been moving away from H110 to Lil'Gun were appropriate. I get very close velocity wise and the SDs are lower. Purely subjective but I feel like Lil'Gun runs cooler. May be just me and my guns and loads, but cooler equates to longer barrel life, not that I'm even remotely close to shooting a barrel out.

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Re: 2020 Deer Hunting with Rossis

Postby Archer » 12 Jan 2021 02:20

Mashuga wrote:
KeepArms wrote:To the OP, I'm just genuinely curious, why the change from H110 to Lil Gun?

I had made up loads with both H110 & Lil Gun. When we went to the range to make sure guns were still sighted my son shot both and preferred the Lil Gun loads. I thought they both shot very good patterns but he chose the the Lil Gun. I didn't chrono them but according to the book the loads were close in velocity to each other. Also, according to the book the Lil Gun has significantly less pressure. This was from the Hodgdon web site.

Now, here's my question; according to the Hodgdon site, for the .44 mag with a 210 gr. bullet it is showing similar velocity for the 2 powders but, the Lil Gun shows higher pressures than H110. Not as much difference as in the .357 but still, Lil Gun show higher pressures for the .44. Can one of the more knowledgeable reloaders chime in on why this is.

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Re: 2020 Deer Hunting with Rossis

Postby Blind Hawg » 14 Jan 2021 18:06

The 92 .44 mag got it done today!!! Nice 8 pt at 40 yds in a foggy field out of my new ground blind. 240 gr JSP over 22 gr of 2400. A side note: Before daylight, I freed a cow horn spike from a barbed wire fence. Heck of a day, I’m done, limited out!
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Re: 2020 Deer Hunting with Rossis

Postby Mashuga » 14 Jan 2021 19:42

Nice deer, congrats. Looks like you'll have some good meals ahead.
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