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Experience the old west through the Rossi rifle!
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Capt. Augustus here

08 Mar 2012 08:33

I`ve been watching to see who would show up at the fire. I`ve been a member of SASS for the last 16 years. I`m pretty much stove in now, but I still make it to the firing line.

I enjoy CAS and Wild Bunch. In the last year for some unknown reason, I have been drawn to the Rossi 92. Having three of them, I have learned how to tune them using Steve Gunz DVD. We do some shooting at 200 yards, and a 16" 92 in .45 is the most accurate of the three. Acquired a RG for this shooting, and I am working on a load.

See you on the trail.

Re: Capt. Augustus here

08 Mar 2012 12:48

Thanks for helping to kick this forum off! I'm out in the sticks a bit so shooting events are few and far between. I am very interested in the Cowboy Action crowd simply because of the amount of ammo that goes out those barrels. I figure I can learn something from all that shooting.

Re: Capt. Augustus here

08 Mar 2012 17:03

Welcome Capt. Augustus.
I've heard good things about the .45 LC & I in fact own a single action Target Model Uberti Revolving Carbine (16" barrel) in .45 LC & really like it........it will make short work of a hog or whitetail within 50 yards.
I own a 16" Rossi Puma in .44 Mag which will do anything the .45 LC model will do & I dare say more.
If I see a cheap deal on a 16" barrel Rossi Puma 92 sans the safety .45 LC I'll probably grab it & blame the guys on the Rossi forum for talking me into it. :D
I'm situated a long way from a range where they hold SASS competitions so I don't see me becoming a SASS member anytime soon.
SASS seems to be a shooting discipline that is sweeping the country and a couple of friends of mine drive lots of miles to attend the SASS shoots.
I kinda think SASS creates an opportunity for them to get away from "the old ball & chain" for a day or so & toss back a few cold ones........nuthin wrong with that in moderation. :D

Re: Capt. Augustus here

04 May 2012 13:31

Capt. Augustus: I have a 20 inch SS 92M ROSSI in 45LC and have had it for a long time. My Son and I have been shooing CAS for maney years but are trying our luck a WILD BUNCH for a while and am really are enjoying it so far. Gave me the excuse to buy some more new leather. But My little Rossi is my rifle of choice in both of these, I also hunt with the rifle qiute a bit or mabey should say I take the rifle with me for my walks in the woods. It is great to carry and shoot and will put a coyote, pig ,or deer down with out any problem out to 75 to 80 yds. I reload to factory spec`s and use a 250 to 255 gr hard cast lead RNFP bullets. GOOD LUCK TO YOU: ken
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