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Re: Shelter in place blues What to do???

12 Apr 2020 10

When I began this project I was pondering how/where I would keep these materials stored. The crate is from a band saw that I bought some time back.......I hesitated trashing it because it was just too nice to throw on the burn pile........really glad I kept it now. ;)

Re: Shelter in place blues What to do???

12 Apr 2020 13

Yesterday I sliced the brisket my friend cooked overnight Thursday into Friday. I made some potato salad to go with it for lunch today. I washed the Bonneville (third car; my wife's hasn't left the garage since March 13, she's driven this one twice since then) even though it was coming a thunderstorm because it's sat under my live oak for weeks without a wash so it's covered with sap. Also took my two youngest for a bike ride.

One of my daughters is in the middle of making a two layer cake from scratch and this morning I have already:
  • Cast a pile of Lee 452-255-RF
  • Ran the .45's through my L-A-M II with a 454 sizer that hardly if ever touches the lands
  • Tumbled the .45's in BLL to "seal" them
  • Cast a bigger pile of Lee C312-155-2R for use in 7.62X39
  • I need to get either a .312 sizer or a gas check installer because all I have for .30 caliber is .310".

I got a new mower last week and cannot wait to use it again ... hopefully it will be dry enough Monday. I'll probably get the Pontiac vacuumed out too. Tomorrow might be yard work and possibly golf. The Municipal course here finally closed Friday but I hear Lake Murray State Park Golf Course on the wrong side of the Red River is still open. This week is my mandatory Monday, Wednesday Friday days off week.

Re: Shelter in place blues What to do???

12 Apr 2020 14

Several years back, I started expanding the chicken coop/run, to expand the flock and be able to separate the chicks from the hens during the growing stage.
Decided to finish it up.
Went into lowes, people buying lumber/building materials like crazy.
Manager came on the intercom, said there would be plenty of lumber and supplies for everyone, more supplies coming in, and no shortages.
People buying everything.
Went by tractor supply, chicks all sold out, they said people buying them up.
they just had a shipment come in, picked up 1 doz, barred rocks, they are large brown egg layers.


Already have 14 Americana chickens, had them for around 5 years now.

My one neighbor/constable, bought 2 doz Lavender Orpingtons a few years back, think he said they were $75.00 a piece if bought full grown.
Well, he bought the chicks, put them in his coop, disappeared overnight.
He hired two trackers with dogs to find who did this, he came up to the cabin and asked for permission to come on my property, said the dog ran up on a bear and got tore up real bad and they had to find the dog.
Told me to be careful cause another neighbor was bow hunting from a tree stand, said a bear, between 400/600 lbs tried to shake him out of the tree stand.
I have to reinforce the coops and runs best I can, they will only buy me some time to get outside with the 44 or 45-70

Re: Shelter in place blues What to do???

12 Apr 2020 15

Carol was my barred rock. She was a loyal layer and she was gentle. I gave my hens away after a few years and now I buy local eggs from my friend that owns a farm and ranch store chain. He has his 1st grader in the egg business. He was a financial planner before he bought the stores from his FIL so I support his efforts.
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