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Lyman 310 discontinued

26 Jun 2019 12

Ive noticed lately that a number of reloading suppliers no longer carry the 310 tong tools.
I emailed Lyman and asked them about it.
This is their response.

Unfortunately we are no longer making the 310 tool. You can try contacting Rick Morrill at the 310 Shop. His phone number is (940) 271-1222.

Best Regards,

Customer Service

I asked about the tong tool, but dont know if this means the 310 dies also.

Re: Lyman 310 discontinued

27 Jun 2019 06

I had to Google what it is. Of course I've seen them but hear so little about them (like nothing) I never knew it was called a 310.

Re: Lyman 310 discontinued

27 Jun 2019 10

I believe, around the 1880s, when you would purchase a winchester or sharps, they would ship a lyman 310 tool with it.
they have changed design over the years, but basically performed the same function.
All a person would need is powder,primers,mold,brass and lead, and you could reload anywhere.

Here is a pic from the Lyman website.

My cabin is too small for a dedicated reloading room, so I have a canvas carry bag made up for each caliber.
The 310 works really well for this, just grab the bag and go,reload anywhere, living room, front porch, campsite,motel room,etc.

This bag is setup for the 30-30 and 30 carbine blackhawk.

Re: Lyman 310 discontinued

06 Dec 2019 13

Groo here
You can still find the Lee nut cracker I think.
It has the advantage of being able to use all standard dies and full length size.
I use mine quite often.
It measures 11x4x1 in and should still fit in above bag..
Cost about $ 40

Re: Lyman 310 discontinued

31 Jan 2020 19

I have several 310 tools and dies; the last new one I bought was probably close to 2'0 years ago and cost about $45.00. They are available on eBay, but are getting very costly. A few forum sites have them at reasonable cost. The dies are the same size as used on the Lyman Tru-Line Junior reloading press and I use them on mine also.
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