Lee 200 gr 358-200 ??

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Lee 200 gr 358-200 ??

Postby Johnnyjr » 02 Dec 2022 16:44

Anyone try these 200 gr
cast bullets in their Rossi
357. Maybe I should have ask before
ordering the mold. I use
rifle for deer hunting. I read
some place they have to
Be loaded in 38s. I doubt
that would work for deer. Any
advice on this is appreciated..
Thanks so much..
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Re: Lee 200 gr 358-200 ??

Postby lwbm92 » 04 Dec 2022 15:02

I use the Lee 358-158 SW in my Rossi and find them accurate. I would think the 200 would work the same.
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Re: Lee 200 gr 358-200 ??

Postby GasGuzzler » 05 Dec 2022 07:09

Make a dummy round and see if you get bulged brass from having to load the bullet deep enough to chamber the OAL. If that works, you'll have to determine if there's still room for an appropriate charge that's safe but quick enough for the 1:30" twist.

I load a 183 grain NOE GC over a pile of Lil'Gun or A2400 and it's LONG at over 1.61". Might not cycle in most R92s. A 200 grain will be even longer and the brass tapers on the inside.
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Re: Lee 200 gr 358-200 ??

Postby runfiverun » 08 Jan 2023 00:45

that bullet was pretty much designed for the 35 Remington.
there is a big difference between something like a 180gr. silhouette type bullet and a long bore rider nose rifle bullet.
by 'big difference' I mean length.
anyway there is another difference.

12 or 14 twist [35 rem 358 win] and 28 or 30 or even a 20 twist is gonna struggle with that much length.

jus sayin,,,
I shoot a 250gr bullet in my 357 max revolver and it works just fine, but I doubt it has a 28 twist barrel.
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