Unique for a 454 midrange load

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Unique for a 454 midrange load

Postby willi » 22 Sep 2022 14:26

New guy here...

wanting to develop a load for my 16" bbl R92. Full power 454 loads are a bit much for my needs (or my lever hand with the factory lever loop.)

I would like to load down to 30K something pressures, essentially duplicating 44 mag performance.

I have.....

1. new 454 cases

2. 250 grain RNFP cast bullets sized .452
these high-quality cast bullets are composed of 6% antimony, 2% tin and 92% lead with a Brinell hardness of 15. They are rated to 1600 fps without gas checks.


3. a slug of the bore that measures .452, .452, and .453 depending on which groove impression I measure across. the slug is tight in the first and last third of the barrel and annoyingly easily to slide/move in the middle third.

4. more Unique on hand than 2400

When considering Unique and looking thru various load manuals, I find myself trying to extrapolate between 45 colt data and 454 full pressure data. I do find info for 44mag with a similar bullet weight, and assume the casull case, being bigger, should require more Unique to duplicate 44 mag pressures and velocity, but...(well you know what they say about assumptions)

Any one have decided preferences between these two powders at the intended pressure, (or reasons to shy away from Unique) for what I am wanting to do?
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