A little reloading

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A little reloading

Postby Archer » 22 Mar 2020 02

Helped a friend a bit with some reloading.
He put together 400 9mm on his Dillon. Second time he's really run it.
He wasn't exactly having fun putting Unique through the powder dump although it ran pretty well if he worked the handle smoothly and completely.

I assembled ~75 5.56 ball rounds for him that he'd already prepped the brass for using a current generation Rock Chucker.

I find loading 5.56 reasonably easy if a bit tedious. Had two casings damaged during the seating operation.
One folded for some reason, looked like the bullet got started and then hung up enough to start the case folding but it was seated to about the right spot on the bullet. It should not have been able to fully seat and crush the case but it did. The other managed to damage the case mouth. Pulled them popped the primers out salvaged the powder and the bullets and crushed the cases flat.
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Re: A little reloading

Postby johniv » 31 Mar 2020 10

Ran out of bullets for my .357 m92. Have to cast some. This quarantine is good for something, I'll do that today. Have plenty of powder and primers.
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