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Value priced adult & youth top break handguns, rifles, & shotguns chambered for centerfire & rimfire cartridges as well as shotshells. These arms are offered as single chamberings as well as a Matched Pair, Pick Four combinations, Trifecta, & the Wizard.
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I got the itch

11 Jul 2016 16:40

I got the itch to get the single shot 223 out for some plinking. My grandson really gets a bang out of the break open action, and I think its fun once in while too.

I have to save the ammo fired in it to reload just for it. It works perfect on fire formed brass. The chamber on it is just long enough that half of the newly loaded ammo (that fires in any other 223) won't strike the primer good enough to fire.

When I shoot FL sized brass in it I pull the bullet about a 1/16 inch, this lets the rifling hold the cartridge back so the primer is in place to fire. Works every time. I just started treating the rifle like it is a 223 Ackley and mark all the brass fired in it so it will just be neck sized for the Rossi.
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