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Re: What to expect when youre expecting...

Postby dalek » 25 Aug 2017 05:36

If ti makes you feel any better, friend of mine buy things (like cars and other stuff), have fun with them for a year or so, and then sell them. This way he gets to play with a lot of stuff most of us won't, and in a shorter time. There is not wrong way to do it.

Er, correction, there is.

Another friend of mine bought a brand new Mustang, then a supercharger kit. We spent time installing it and he spent money in a performance shop to get the fuel curve right. Then he drove it for a month and sold it -- at a huge loss -- to a mechanic at the Ford dealership and bought a turbocharged hatchback. And then rinsed and repeated. He also does the same with firearms: buy them brand new, use for a few months, then trade it in at the same gun store -- more like sell it for less than 50% he paid for it -- for a new one.
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