Rossi 92 loading gate problems

The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.

Rossi 92 loading gate problems

Postby fredlord » 15 Aug 2019 19

As long as I use RN or jacketed small-cavity HP rounds, I have no problem loading the magazine tube to full capacity. On the other hand, I seem to be having problems with loading certain types of rounds into the magazine tube. When I try to insert rounds with any sort of swaged soft flat point bullets or HP with large cavities in through the loading gate they will not smoothly slide into the magazine tube. Sometimes 1, 2, or 3 rounds will feed in before further loading is not possible. I'm thinking the rounds are turning from straight ahead under pressure from the incoming rounds and hitting something. At other times, even the first round will not go into the magazine tube. When I pull the stuck rounds back out, there is always some damage to the edges of the flat point where it meets the ogive. I read of one Rossi 92 owner who found a rough spot on the inside of the receiver where the left side of the magazine feed ramp tapers into the tube. This area might benefit from a bit of smoothing. The area seems to be rather hard to get to though. I have a normal Dremel tool but I trying to figure out how to get into this tight area at the bottom of the receiver to smooth the surface down. Has anyone come up with any sort of way to get in there? Do I have to remove the magazine tube and reach in from the front of the receiver? Any suggestions would be welcomed.
I have shortened the magazine spring and installed a metal follower. I have not lightened the loading gate spring yet. Attached is a photo of the typical loads that will not feed into the magazine through the loading gate.
I would like for this rifle to accept more types of ammunition if possible.
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Re: Rossi 92 loading gate problems

Postby Archer » 19 Aug 2019 02

My personal opinion is the mag spring does not particularly need shortening. I know others do disagree.

Again, my personal opinion, keep your dremel out of your guns, especially if it doesn't reach precisely where you need it. If the area needs smoothing disassemble to get at the problem and address it with a little emory cloth or polishing compound a little at a time.

My 92s can be a little difficult to load, with the short straight walled bullets they are a little more difficult than longer rifle rounds or bottle necked cartridges but the same principles apply. Angle the bullet as little as possible during feeding and it tends to be easier to push the last round in with the next round rather than pushing each one all the way in each time. I have thought about going after any 'rough' spots but I figure another several hundred rounds or so and they should smooth out a little during the process.
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Re: Rossi 92 loading gate problems

Postby Sarge » 19 Aug 2019 11

I've got a tapered, 4" hand-held round stone that sees a lot if use for projects like this. Deburr your ejection port, inside and out, and the gate itself on both sides. I'd also consider pulling the magazine tube to see if there's a sharp burr, inside the tube where the cartridges enter it. Rossi has a gift for leaving burrs in out-of-the-way places that inhibit smooth operation.

I've never felt compelled to shorten the magazine spring either, Archer. My unaltered 20" 45 Colt will hold 11 255 grain RNFP's in the tube plus one in the chamber. If figure that ought to be enough for most days.
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