No new Rossi

The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.

Re: No new Rossi

Postby GRV01 » 15 May 2018 05

Not to drag this thread too far off topic but my 92 made in 2013 has really great bluing aswell and on the receiver it has a gorgeous plum looking finish

Wifey and I originally wanted to cerakote both our 92s but now im thinking i cant bring myself to do it on mine. I still wanna get maybe an older 94 in 45lc so im thinking ill leave the 92 as is and give it to my daughter, whos the oldest, when she gets a little older. I think shell appreciate that subtle plum/purple more than her little brother
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Re: No new Rossi

Postby remus » 19 May 2018 20

I'd do a 32-20 in a heartbeat, to go with my Ruger Blackhawk.
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