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Postby Hamdude » 29 Dec 2012 02

Yes, the Rossi Rio Grande 45-70 can handle the Buffalo Bore ammunition! Go to and the click on "rifle ammunition". Scroll down to the "45-70 Magnum lever gun" link and click on that. Click on any of the "More info" buttons and it will bring up their various ammunition types. They have ammunition types 8A through 8G. Very interesting reading. They also have a warning statement that lists the types of rifles their ammunition is safe to fire in. The Rio Grande is listed as one of the appropriate rifles for their ammunition. They also show the ballistics chart for each ammo type A-G.

I was firing Remington 405 grain rounds at the range. I went through a whole box of the 405 grain rounds, then inserted 3 rounds of Buffalo Bore Barnes 350 grain, 45-70 Mag. (+P) lead free ammo (that's their Item 8G ammo) into my magazine. I have to say that the difference between the Remington and the Buffalo Bore was like night and day. After 3 rounds I had to stop, because my shoulder was pretty sore.

I agree that Buffalo Bore ammunition is expensive. I found it a bit cheaper on Any of the other factory rounds will have no problem dispatching a hog, but there's something really satifying about firing a monster round through the Rio Grande! The ballistics are closer to the Hornady 325 grain because the muzzle velocity is really up there.

I took my spare change I had been saving in a jar to the Coinstar machine and used the money to buy a box of Buffalo Bore ammo for my Rio Grande. I think you can find Hornady ammunition relatively inexpensive.

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