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Newly Registered Members

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2012 10
by Ranch Dog
Upon registration, your account is classified as a "Newly Registered Member" until you have five (5) posts. Posts in the following forums are possible but only because they cannot be prevented.
  • The SUPPORT: Rossi Customer Service Experiences
Without the required minimum, your post will drop into a "Moderator Queue" where they will be deleted. Continued attempts to post in these forums without the required posts will result in your account being banned.

These restrictions are an effort by this forum to avoid members that "flame and run" in the Rossi Customer Service Experiences forum and spammers selling their wares in the BST forums. Please use your first five posts to introduce yourself and participate in the various forums available. When you have achieved five posts, the Newly Registered Member restrictions are automatically removed, and you are identified as a "Regular Member." At all times you are held accountable to The Forum Rules.

Pruning (deleting) User Accounts
This forum's membership is made up of active members. You do not need to post to keep your membership active; you just need to login. "Lurking" is fine and will keep your user account active. Member accounts are automatically pruned from the membership list under the following conditions:
  • The accounts of individuals who after one week have not activated their forum membership via the email link sent to their email address.
  • Newly Registered Members who have never logged into their account by the end of their first year.
  • Members who have zero posts and have not logged in for a year.