The Rules

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The Rules

Postby Ranch Dog » 19 Jan 2012 22:51

Let's try to keep it simple:

These are the overall rules:
  • Respect each other, the simple "Golden Rule" stuff.
  • No foul language of any type, directly or implied. There is no age limit on this forum, so keep it very clean!
  • No flaming Rossi, period. Explain it like it is and what you as a customer would do different.
  • No disrespect of others, period. If you cannot post a civil reply, drop out of the topic.

Dealing with unacceptable behavior:
  • Don't respond or participate. Don't worry, there is no such thing as loosing "face" on a forum. There is such a thing as being banned for an inappropriate response.
  • Don't "moderate" an issue. This forum has moderators, that is their job.
  • Do report the post using the appropriate icon.

  • No foul language of any type, directly or implied and this includes any attempt at spelling the word with symbols or characters to beat the forum word censor software (I simply add your creative spelling to the censor). There is no age limit on this forum, so keep it very clean! If you do not adhere to this rule, the word censor will remove the offense material. If it doesn't, I will by editing or deleting your post... whatever is simpler. If you just can't seem to keep it clean, you will be banned
  • No double posting. The second post, even if in another forum, will be deleted.
  • Many new members come here looking for help with a firearm. Please understand that we, the members, are not Rossi Customer Service! Sometimes and for many reasons, you might not find the help you are looking for. Be patient and be prepared to tell us how you fixed your problem. You might be the person that needs to come up with the fix and share the material with others.

Posting avatars, images, or links:
  • Avatars, images, or links must be appropriate for minors to view.

  • No links or advertising except as noted below.
  • You can post links to any other forum as long as that forum allows links back to Rossi-Rifleman in your signature on that forum.

  • None allowed unless it is approved by the Admin.
  • The Admin will only consider advertising for vendors involved in Rossi firearm sales or services related to Rossi firearms.
  • Approved advertising will be limited to this user's signature line and not solicited within the content of a topic.

Pruning (deleting) User Accounts
This forum's membership is made up of active members. You do not need to post to keep your membership active, you just need to login. "Lurking" is fine and will keep your user account active. Member accounts are automatically pruned from the membership list under the following conditions:
  • The accounts of individuals who after one week have not activated their forum membership via the email link sent to their email address.
  • Newly Registered Members who have never logged into their account by the end of their first year.
  • Members who have zero posts and have not logged in for a period of a year.

Private Messages (PM)
  • All the above rules apply. If you experience message activity outside these rules, please report it.
  • All private messages are pruned (removed) after 365 days. If there is a PM you would like to save, "Export" it to your PC or device prior to it becoming a year old.
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