SNS158-RFN vs Lee 158-RF

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SNS158-RFN vs Lee 158-RF

Postby Moon Tree » 07 Feb 2015 00:05

There's a lot of "firsts" or near "firsts" for me in this comparison.

1. I've only shot my Rossi 92, .38/357 at 100 yards maybe 5 shots before.

2. The Less 158-RF is the first modern bullet I've ever cast.

3. I've only shot maybe 50 rounds using the Marble Tang Peep Site and those were to give me a better field of vision to see the rear sight clearly. Shooting at 100 yards, I would either have to raise the rear site or just shoot with the peep site. I chose to shoot with just the peep site. I think I'm going to enjoy shooting with just a peep site.

Actually, I was surprised that I could hit the paper.

I shot the first round with the SNS 158-RFN adjusting raising/adjusting the site with each shot. The 2 were low. The 3rd shot I called left high. The next 2 we're pretty darn good. THEN I lost the target peep off the tang site as I was carrying the rifle back and forth the 100 yard trip. GRRRR

Decision time again. Give up the test, use my glasses with the Merit suction cup aperture and the iron rear sights, which would need to be raised OR just shoot with large peep hole of the tang site without an aperture. I chose the later. Even with the large hole in the peep, I did surprising well.

Oh, about the test. The SNS 158-RFN groups a little better than did my cast Lee 158-FN, but I was shooting with the peep sight frame and no aperture with these bullets.... so...

What I did notice is the Lee bullet with it's large meplat dropped more at the 100 yard range than did the smaller meplat of the SNS bullet. With the Lee bullet I had the Marble tang peep adjusted to it's fullest height and then cover the bull with fiber optic front sight.

I was adjusting the site with the SNS round. First shot low right, Second shot low be lining up. Third shot I called high left. I wiggled. The 4th and 5th were withing 1 1/4" of the bullseye. Again, that's with the target aperture on the peep.

With my cast Lee bullets I was 3 /12 MOA with 3 1/2 spread. I"m pretty sure if I'd had the target aperture on the tang site, I could have tightened the group up a little. As you see there's no "key holing" going on.

My load: .357 case, 6.0 gr. of HP-38 in with both bullets. I don't know fps. I'll try to chrono them tomorrow.
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Re: SNS158-RFN vs Lee 158-RF

Postby ddj » 17 Feb 2015 12:15

I also use the Marbles tang sight on my 92 and I'm surprised at how accurate it can be without any of the apertures screwed in.
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